CHEMISTRY a ‘Central Science’ helps us to understand our surrounding and basics of the other sciences so Chemistry considered as the ‘Mother Science’. The employers recognize the degree in Chemistry as valued qualification. Therefore, the pursuit of Chemistry provides a rewarding career in diverse areas such as chemical industries, consultancy and entrepreneurship, Agricultural Scientist, Chemist, Environmental Health Specialist, Patent Agent, Technician, Technical Writer, Water Purification Chemist, Toxicologist, Quality Control Manager, Industrial Hygienist, Food Scientist, Anaesthesiologist, Biochemist, Forensic Chemist, Medical Technologist, Optometrist, Pharmacist, Radiologist, Soil Scientist, Veterinarian, Waste Water Plant Manager, Oceanographer and Medical Representative etc. beside teaching & research. Department offers programmes in B.Sc. with Chemistry, M.Sc. in Chemistry, and M.Phil. in Chemistry. The department boasts of the well-equipped laboratories with all the required modern and sophisticated instruments.The computer and internet facility is also available to the P.G. and research students.

Our motivated and scholar lecturers make learning congenial, interesting and effective, as a result, every year- on an average 4-5 students- stand in the university merit list. The alumni of the department have established themselves in the various industries, research centres, public sectors and educational field.


Students of Chemistry often choose careers in research at CSIR, DST, ISRO, DRDO, DBTand teaching at universities, colleges, and schools. Besides research and teaching they are also having career opportunity in pharmaceutical industry, metal and mine industry, agriculture based industry, food processing industry, chemical & fertilizer industry, water & sanitation industry, and private research firms.