NOTHING frees the mind from its burden and bondage of tensions more than fine art. The ingenious flash of beauty and light releases a stream of peace of the mind and rhythm and harmony to human life. The department of Drawing & Painting enables observant students to feel the magic and power of this art. Drawing and Painting courses offer students the opportunity to develop a technical, formal and intellectual understanding of drawing and painting while having a wealth of important masterpieces available to study first-hand. Students are encouraged to develop a strong understanding of the relationship between historical ideas and modern and contemporary artistic practice

The faculty imparts understanding skill and professional knowledge about this soul stirring art. The students of the departments are getting awards not only at the inter college level but also at state and National level.

The department has well equipped practicum, a separate recital room, easels and library with good literature covering Greek, Roman and Modern art. The college is proud to host every year ‘On the spot Drawing & Painting Competition’ (Depingere) and ‘Art Exhibition’ (Muse).


A visualizer with a flair for design and original thinking has job opportunities in Animation Production Company and as a web or graphic designer. He/She can work also as a freelance artist. Besides this teaching at school, college and university level can be opted after post-graduation.