HISTORY is a journey of fantasy. This journey takes us across the boundaries of time; it is the discovery, collection, organization, and presentation of information about past events. We can see how our present system evolved by intriguing sequence of events that took place in the past. Hence it proves its meaning of inquiry or knowledge acquired by investigation. It is not only about the Kings and their kingdoms, their policies and politics, their victory or failure; it is also about inventions and inventors, agriculture and farmer, craft and craftsman, trade and commerce, encompassing every aspect about common man of that time.

The department offers Master Degree in History and as an optional subject in B.A..The department provides theoretical and practical knowledge by class room teaching, seminars, workshops, questionnaires and by archaeological explorations and excavations, visiting museums and monuments, along with field work and counselling to students for a bright career ahead.


The History students make career in civil services: Gram Sewak, Planning Officer, Administrative Services- I.A.S., R.A.S. etc.; Museum Curator, Archaeologist, Social Surveyor and can opt for teaching at school, college or university.