TOURISM AND TRAVEL MANAGEMENT is the study of the possible attributes which can promote the tourism and its effective managements. Since tourism is responsible for the economic flow in the region, so its importance is appreciable for the local human population as well as government. TTM is tried to explore the new tourism sites and prepare the statement for the cost benefit analysis of the proposed tourism, in the terms of economics, nature, and social impact on local population.

Graduate Degree with Tourism and Travel Management programme is an outcome of many years of scholarly debates on the requirement of creating highly efficient and skill-oriented young managers for the fast-growing travel and tourism industry. In recent years, the industry is undergoing diversification processes and becoming more complex in its operational paradigm. Keeping these dimensions in perspective, the syllabus is prepared after series of consultations in the initial framework. The course design constitutes core modules and specialization areas. Specialization streams comprise of Cargo Management, Tour Operations, Marketing and Air Fares & Ticketing. The programme of study aims at preparing graduates for taking up employment in a business organization or self-employment. “Incredible India” successful global advertising campaign of Indian Ministry of tourism has driven a huge surge in Indian Tourism and Travel and Hospitality Industry. Since tourism industry is growing by leaps and bounds it is an obvious fact that the employment opportunities in this sector will also grow in abundance. Sector like civil aviation, hotel, tour operating company, travel agency are the segments within the industry that offer attractive career options.The department proposes B.Com withTourism andTravel management. Accordingly, the programme has a large component of working in real world situations under the careful guidance of mentors.


This programme enables young learners to develop a business sense and sensitise them to nuances of tourism scenarios. Introduce and train specially for managing tourism and travel businesses among others. Learn principles and practice of management especially in travel and tourism companies. Equip and enable learners to start a new tourism and travel related business venture.