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THE BIOLOGY has three broad ranges of study, Microbes, Plant and Animal; among them the Plants are studied extensively due to their distinct features from other forms of life. A Botanist might be concerned with the plants function, what they look like, how they are related to each other, where they grow, how people make use of plants from tiny floating duckweeds to gigantic redwood trees.

The department maintains three well equipped laboratories and a library with many reference books, journals and monograms on Indian flora. The department provides the specialized study facility for the plant biotechnology and plant ecology in post-graduation course. Botany as career offers many interesting and worthwhile opportunities, because of the great diversity in the plant forms, people with many different backgrounds, abilities, and interests can find a satisfying career in Botany. Scholar with plant sciences may involve in research with wide options such as plant biochemistry, plant biotechnology, plant physiology, plant embryology, plant taxonomy, biological diversity, plant ecology and teaching at a school, college or university level. If you want to search for new medicines or advance the frontiers in the study of cellular and molecular plant processes working as botanist can lead you in the right direction. If you want to understand ecological and global processes, botanical knowledge is critical. If you want to become an industrial biotechnologist, a botany degree can be used as means to achieve your goal. Or, if you just want to learn how to grow bigger vegetables, more colourful flowers, or healthier lawns, botany will be extremely beneficial to you


Students of plant sciences often choose careers in research such as CSIR, DST, ICMR, MoEF, DRDO and DBT laboratories, BSI, and teaching at universities, colleges, and schools. Besides research and teaching, one can join any reputed organization as Environment Consultants, Plant Explorers, Ecologists, Conservationists, Park ranger/ Forester, Nursery Manager, Taxonomist, Horticulturist, Geneticist, Plant Biochemist, Molecular Biologist, Plant Pathologist, and Farming Consultant.