COMPUTER SCIENCE is the systematic study of the feasibility, structure, expression, and mechanization of the methodical processes (or algorithms) that underlie the acquisition, representation, processing, storage, communication of, and access to information, whether such information is encoded in bits and bytes in computer memory. Today, it is difficult to imagine a day that is not in some way affected by computer. The computer has altered completely the structure of Business and industries. Now computer directs the production, guides machines, controls quality, makes perfect design and monitor inventory. Modern banking is impossible without a computer. Global communication has been facilitated by the electronic transmission of data that connects individuals, regardless of geographic position. Now in these days, there are millions of jobs in IT sector, that not only provide higher living status but also unexpected salary packages. Such fields are the path, if you are on it, you certainly can get desired goals.

The department has two fully operational computer labs which are not only equipped with all the latest software and hardware but also provide internet WiFi facility to all students. The department uses various techniques and special teaching methods to clear the concepts to students. Various activities, competitions, seminars are also organized for the academic development of students. Regular tests are conducted for the students and terminal tests are essential for them. The College library has the latest books on the subject and numerous reference books are also within the easy reach of students.


Students of computer science often choose careers in software programming firms such as Infosys, TCS, Oracles, Microsoft, Google etc., Research in CSIR, DST, ISRO, DRDO laboratories and Teaching at Universities, Colleges, and Schools. Besides research and teaching they are also having career opportunity in the computer hardware industry, electronics industry, telecommunication industry, and ICT Service based private Companies.


  • Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Graduation with Computer Application


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