ZOOLOGY is a rapidly advancing science connected with our existence and welfare. Humans have been fascinated by the other members of the animal kingdom throughout history. It serves to know animal life forms at morphology, physiology, anatomy, behaviour, conservation, ecosystem functioning level. The animal taxonomy, a fascination field of Zoology provides the opportunity to know the nature’s living diversity.The hidden interdisciplinary nature of the Zoology also gives the opportunity to study the whole biosphere. So, the study of Zoology provides an opportunity to understand our evolutionary past, future evolutionary trends in human race, and can make a better understanding about the human survival in the way of natural harmony and sustainability

Our graduate, post-graduate and research programmes are designed for possible employability areas such as aquaculture, pearl culture, Integrated Pest Management agriculture, dairy industry, poultry farming, entomology, pollution ecology etc., So trained students of the department have good future prospects.Large well equipped laboratory, research literature, journals, magazines, internet facilities make the department as a potential learning centre. The department has established a Zoological Association of faculty members, renowned scientists, and their alumni for the advancement of teaching and research in Zoology. Activities of the department like seminars, extension lectures, conferences, workshops, quizzes, and excursions are also carried out through this association. The department facilitates to their students for the job opportunities


Students of animal sciences often choose careers in research such as CSIR, DST, ICMR, MoEF, DRDO, DBT, ZSI, and teaching at universities, colleges, and schools. Besides research and teaching, one can join any reputed organization as Environment Consultants, Conservationists, Park Ranger/ Forester, Taxonomist, Wildlife Photographer, Zoo Curators, Animal Behaviourists and Rehabilitators.