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D.A.V. College , Sri Gangarnagar is one of the important study centres of IGNOU and provides support, service to learning such as admission counselling, providing prospects and admission forms, holding induction meeting and counseling sessions, audio and video sessions, teleconferencing evaluation of assignment, conduction of term and examination held twice in a year in June & December with enriched Library facilities. There are 47 approved Acadmic counselors for various course from different college of Sri Ganganagar. Centre is activated for MCA, BCA, CIC, Master in Hindi, English, History, Public Administration, Sociology, Commerce, BTS, DTS, BPP, B.A.,B.Com, pgdrd, DNNE, DAFE,DCA,DCH, CES, CFN, CFS, CHR, CDM,CLD, CNCC, CFS, CHR, CDM, CWED, CWEL, CAFÉ and ACPDM.

Coordinator IGNOU

Dr. Jaspreet Singh

Asst. Coordinator IGNOU

Er. Kailash Aseri

Asst. Coordinator IGNOU

Mr. Manish Suthar


Deepak Bansal

+91- 9667861144

Rubal Sachdeva

+91- 7014500786


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The university functions through its large network of regional centres and study centres spread all over the Rajasthan. The university offers academic programmes ranging from certificate level to research level.

DAV College is one of the important and the oldest study of AMOU, Kota. At this centre M.A.(Economics, History, Political Science, Hindi and English, Education, Public Administration, Sociology, MJMC, MBA, BA, B.Com, BAP, BCP, BJMC, BLIS, PDLL, DLIS, CFN, CHMS, and many other course activated.

Coordinator VMOU

Dr. Rajashwer Godara

Asst. Coordinator VMOU

Smt. Anjali Singh



+91- 9529011651

Rajeander Swami

+91- 9649179000


+91-7733977889 (Only Whatsup)