The Intelligentsia Domain

An interactive teaching learning process is the distinctive characteristics of our institute. Besides lecture method teaching, project-based and computer-assisted teaching is also practised. We recognize the importance of providing support and guidance to research students at every stage of their work, ranging from planning the topic to the final touches of their thesis’s draft so that the candidate progresses at the right pace in the right direction.

Ours is a student’s oriented institute, a place for free thinking, committed to groom, chisel and polish the potentiality of the students so that they become capable to serve the society.

The college today enjoys a reputation for outstanding performance in academics, sports and extracurricular activities. The students produced by the college have excelled in various professions and have contributed in numerous ways to society at large. We are aware of the special needs of the students and have developed a responsive support system to make their studies at DAV College worry-free, comfortable, and enjoyable.


Every department has its own library. The departmental libraries contain reference books in their concerned areas. It provides an instant access to the relevant information required to the students.